What areas do you serve?

We serve students in boarding schools and colleges in southeastern New York, western Connecticut and western Massachusetts.
See if you’re in our service area.

How long is your rental period?

Our full rental agreements begin on August 31st and end May 31st, covering the duration of the school year.

Can I rent for just one semester?

Although most students select a full school year rental, some choose to rent for the second semester only. If you wish to rent a product for the second semester, your rental agreement will apply from January until the end of the school year. You’ll be prompted at checkout to select delivery either at the start of the school year or second semester.

Can I order products throughout the school year?

Yes, you can order products at any time before or during the school year. However, products are delivered during one of two delivery periods – either in August before the start of the school year or in December or January before the start of your school’s second semester. If you place your order in October, for example, your products will be delivered during our December/January delivery period.

What are the cut-off dates for placing orders before the start of the school year?

Order cut-off dates are shown on our home page and on our product pages. We have a cut-off date for placing orders for delivery prior to the start of the school year. We also have a cut-off date for placing orders for delivery before the start of the second semester.

Can I get volume discounts?

Yes, just rent three or more products and you’ll automatically get 10% off your total order. All three products must be ordered at the same time to receive the discount.

Can I choose a specific brand?

While it’s not possible to select a specific brand, you can be confident that you’ll receive a quality top-brand product. Because we’re a rental service, we work with fluctuating inventory and availability of products. The product you receive may not look identical to what you see pictured on this website, but don’t worry, we only carry top brands and energy efficient products. We know you’ll be satisfied with the rental product you receive.

Can I rent products if I’m under 18 years old?

You must be at least 18 years old to order products and enter into a rental agreement with us. While any student regardless of age may browse our website and products, those under 18 will require their parent or legal guardian to order products and submit payment on their behalf.

How do I see the products that are on my school’s approved list?

Your school will provide you with details on how to access online shopping through your school’s private page on this website. Your school’s approved products will be featured on that page.

When will my products be delivered?

We have two delivery periods. For full-year rentals, we deliver products in August before the first day of school. For second semester rentals, we deliver products in December or January before students return from their winter holiday break.

How will you know where to deliver my products?

It’s easy! At checkout, you’ll be prompted to add detailed delivery information to the order notes. You’ll add student name, school name, address and dorm information to the fields indicated at checkout.

Where do I find the pick up schedule?

Typically, pick-up schedules will be made available closer to the end of the school year. We communicate pick-up details well in advance to ensure a smooth and convenient process.

What happens if I have a malfunction with one of my products?

If you experience any malfunction with the unit, please reach out to our claims department at mycozydormroom@gmail.com. Upon contacting us, we will promptly schedule a time to come out and assess the damage. Depending on the severity of the issue, we will either repair or replace the product.