School Partnerships

Why Boarding Schools Trust Us

At My Cozy Dorm Room, we’re all about making dorm life better. We partner with boarding schools to provide their students with the dorm room essentials that enhance campus living. From mini refrigerators to TVs to microwave ovens and more, our rental products deliver the cozy comforts that make dorm rooms feel like home.

Why trust us? Because we've walked in your shoes. Every member of our team has boarding school experience. Our diverse educational backgrounds encompass everything from teaching and counseling to administrative roles and even dorm parenting.

So we not only understand how to make student life better, we understand how to make school administrators’ jobs easier.

How We Work With Schools

We’ve seen the chaos and stress of moving day, and we’ve experienced first-hand the headaches of having to deal with the mountain of items left behind at the end of the academic year. As your partner, we can make all that go away.

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we work with our school partners to design customized, flexible packages that best meet their needs. Whether it’s a direct-to-student partnership, direct-to-school partnership or a hybrid of the two, we can create a solution that works for you.

Direct-to-Student Partnerships

With this option, schools designate us as their approved vendor, and choose the specific rental products they want to make available to their students. We create private online shopping pages tailored to each school, and students and their parents shop and place their orders directly through us.

Direct-to-School Partnerships

This program enables schools to outfit every student dorm room with the same product, such as refrigerators. Schools work directly with us, without student involvement. Campus-wide rentals promote inclusivity and equity, ensuring that every student receives the same high-quality, standardized essentials for their dorm room.

Create the Best Campus Experience

Why Become Our School Partner

  • Student Well-being – You can provide the dorm room essentials that enhance student life
  • Convenience – Give your students access to quality rentals without the hassles of procurement and maintenance
  • Curated Product Lists – You decide which products to make available to your students
  • Private Online Shopping – You get your own private school page, ensuring that your students shop only school-approved products
  • Custom Packages – We work with you to create a partnership package that suits your needs
  • Easy Move-in – We deliver directly to your student rooms before the first day of school
  • Energy-efficient Appliances – Our Energy Star Certified products reduce your electricity costs
  • Safe, Reliable Products – Our products meet or exceed safety standards, creating secure and hazard-free surroundings
  • Good for the Environment – Renting helps to reduce waste and creates a greener campus
  • Year-end Pickup – We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to
  • Easy on Your Staff – You don’t have to worry about dealing with abandoned TVs and appliances